esl teacher

New Canaan, CT

Jessica's knowledge and expertise allowed us to achieve the WOW Factor that we were looking for. She assisted us in choosing furniture, fixtures and equipment that maximized the return on our real estate investment. Her invaluable insights, and eye for detail, helped us redesign most of the interior of our home simply by moving items to new places, changing a few wall colors, to highlight our art work and other special collections. Jessica allowed us to find the warmth and calm we wanted in our home. We were glad to have had Jessica on our team!

corporate executive

Macau, CHINA

I always thought that I would get to the right design solution for my house on my own. How can anyone else know what I want better than me? But after a few weeks of busy work schedules, procrastinating, and stressful decision choices – I reached out for support. Jessica helped me clarify and understand what I was intuitively looking for and how to complete the picture with the right design choices. She was thoroughly organised, professional and laid it all out.


Los Angeles, CA

I was happy to work with Jessica on re-imagining our Guest Bedroom. We had a large piece of artwork that we didn't know how to make pop. Jessica chose fun pieces that complimented our artwork and style. I am sure that her selections will be in our collection for years to come.

I am so grateful for Jessica. Her simple suggestion for the throw pillows on the living room couch made such an impact in the room! I would never have had the courage to pick those colors much less use the variety of textures you suggested. I am looking forward to our next bigger & better adventure!


Las Vegas, NV

Jessica transformed my traditional home, both inside and out, into a modern marvel that made the neighbors stop and stare. At least three times a year I would get someone from the street to ask for a look inside and inquire who the architect was. While I provided Jessica with a mission impossible, she was able to guide me through the process and trade-offs of every design decision. Not only did Jessica provide compelling designs, but also she sheltered me from the fallout with our contractor. As you can imagine, I very much appreciated working with Jessica.

information solution provider

McLean, VA