The WEEKLY COACHING RETAINER is for Clients that want on-going support to help them make final Decor decisions. It's very simple, I give you my number and we chat! We chat while liberally exchanging site photos and inspirational images. In my experienced role, as the 'Coach', I steer & cheer you on by helping you overcome the obstacles that your project is facing. This Service is a great compliment for the client that is a step ahead of the game and has already committed an decor element or two to launch their project towards completion. 

Allow 10hrs; 2hrs max/ day, 5 days a week


Everyone can feel that an ill-conceived room just doesn't work &/or sense that it lacks 'energy' due to the mix matching proportions and or competing colors. Party planning can similarly feel overwhelming, as if there are too many options and not enough space or (actually) vice-versa. With my expertise my SPACE PLANNING Service - the simplest Service I offer - helps you 'get your ducks in a row' so that you can take action. Do it right the first time; without wasting time or money.

Allow two to three days


CONCEPT BOARDs are essentially image boards with idea-based shopping lists. Together we work out your taste to support my understanding your wants/needs but specifically the components of your Room or Party. The process helps me understand what your project does and does not have working for it. Only then can I successfully help to inspire you imagine your project more clearly through size, shape, color and texture in a PDF format.

Allow one week

I am sure that you have heard that clutter has been proven to negatively affect one's Mental Wellness. I personally can't think straight when things are a mess. My DECLUTTERING SOLUTION involves me entering your Space, like a best friend may when he/she thinks that they know best, with hopefully a bit more of finesse. Then, for aesthetic purposes only, I advise you with respect to what should be salvaged &/or replaced to make your project sing. This service often includes storage & organizing solutions.

Allow two hours


ALL OF THE ABOVE is the most complete package that I offer. Together, with your commitment to the end goal, we can plan, program and purchase the goods for your next Room or Party in a short period of time.

Allow two weeks


This one is a little self explanatory and comes in all different sizes with an idea-based shopping list. I don’t do food, for clients but I will offer some theme related ideas for your menu, because I’m great like that.

party decor

The above is a list of my off-the-shelf Services; they can be customized to be in-person or fully digital and are determined on a need/time/difficulty basis. Some projects can take longer pending Client participation & availability. Please feel free to inquire if you are looking for something more extensive!