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i'm Jessica Kaushik

the Creative behind Eloquations and I'd like to invite you to browse my portfolio showcasing my passion for decorating residential Interiors and, favorite pastime, planning Parties. You'll note that my talent doesn't stop there; I also had the great pleasure of Styling most of these signature projects including masterminding their Photoshoots. And while I toot my own horn - I also crafted the Contemporary Asian inspired Jewelry Organizers, linked here in my ETSY SHOP, while living overseas.

Everyone enjoys a bit of humor, so I'll further share that I even wrote this blurb! Semantics are vital to me. Not unlike in Design, I often find myself on a persistent quest for brevity - employing only the most precise accentuation. ...being a Minimalist, philosophically, first then helps me maintain the necessary balance between size, shape, color, texture that every project uniquely affords. It's fulfilling that way.

And with that, I share that it is my hope that the breadth of work evidenced here will encourage more Collaborations and greater Community; because over the years I have learned that together we can do most anything that we put our minds to - and that's the beauty - that's what is truly remarkable!

So don't hesitate to drop me a line if you are curious about what you see? I've only recently relocated from Macau, China SAR but I'd love to get this party started & help you on your next Décor Project.